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After nearly two years with my first Pistol Slicker, I ordered a second
one for one of my backpacking friends as a gift. Everything I said about
it in my original review still holds true – best option I’ve found for
discreet and weather-proof woods carry when backpacking. And after all
this time, it’s as good as new. Probably won’t be the last one I gift to


great sling only one i use any an avid handgun hunter. Love the
dual sling. Carry my t/c encore 45/70 on my back in dual action there
ready for a long shot .its very secure. Love it my rifle is there if i
need it. carry a 41 mag handgun to hunt with i would like to take my
second bear in pa with a handgun if its out of range rife is there.
don’t haft to adjust much. Only when it gets caught on a branch or multi throne bush.

Jim Wright

Absolutely fell in love with this product the first time I used it! It was windy with snow on the ground and bright sun. The Bino Bandit made it easy to enjoy using my binoculars! No eye strain, the wind was no an issue, and I love how the flaps buckle together to protect the eye pieces. A great innovation!


Bow slings are a must for late season hunting and also on early season pack ins and pack outs! The bow slicker is awesome! It’s fabric is super quite and very durable! Adjustable to fit any bow and sling adjusts to fit comfortably around your body! Just another great product!

Luke Bloxham