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Gun Slicker | Waterproof Rifle Cover | Alpine Products

Gun Slicker | Waterproof Rifle Cover | Alpine Products

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Introducing the Alpine Gun Slicker - Your Ultimate Waterproof Rifle Cover

During the hunting season, Mother Nature often surprises us with unpredictable weather. One moment you may be basking under sunny blue skies, and the next, you find yourself caught in a downpour. But what about your trusted rifle and scope? Shouldn't they be protected from rain, strong winds, and mud, just like you shield yourself with weather-appropriate gear? Don't let your prized possession get rusty, dusty, or crusty. It's time to equip yourself with the Alpine Gun Slicker - the ultimate solution to keep your rifle and scope clean, dry, and ready for action!

At Alpine Products, we understand the importance of having efficient equipment and accessories during your hunt. That's why we've designed the GunSlicker™ rifle cover specifically for hunting. With its barrel port feature, you can conveniently slip your barrel through and tighten it, allowing you to keep the cover on even while taking your killshot. The GunSlicker™ also boasts a quick-draw adjustment cord, enabling easy one-hand size adjustment.

We know that every ounce counts when you're out in the field. Weighing less than 6 ounces and packing down to the size of a pair of socks, our rifle cover ensures that you're always prepared without adding unnecessary weight or bulk. Why carry a heavy and inconvenient waterproof rifle case when all you need is a packable, ultralight, and compact cover? The Alpine GunSlicker™ is made of durable, waterproof fabric, providing reliable protection for your rifle whenever you need it.

When you're on the move, whether on foot, horseback, or riding an ATV, convenience is key. That's why our GunSlicker™ is designed with a secure buckle that clips around your rifle, allowing you to use your sling without worrying about the cover falling off. It offers hassle-free coverage while walking or standing still, and it easily slips off quickly and quietly for effortless access to your weapon.

Renowned hunting expert Melissa Bachman knows the importance of keeping hands free, packing light, and safeguarding equipment for a successful hunt. She highly recommends the Alpine GunSlicker™ and used it during her bear hunting expedition in Alaska. Check out her experience here. Our rifle rain cover fits rifles and shotguns from 38" to 56" in length and is available in three distinct camo prints: Alpine Mountain, Vanish Tan, and Vanish Shadow. For those using scopes, we also offer the Scope Cover NX2, the ultimate rifle scope cover that ensures your optics remain clean, dry, and protected. Enhance your hunting experience by getting your Alpine Products GunSlicker™ and Scope Cover NX2 today!

Key Features of the Alpine Waterproof Rifle Cover:

  1. Quick-Draw Adjustment Cord: Easily size fit your rifle or shotgun with the convenience of one-hand operation.

  2. Weatherproof Protection: Block rain, dirt, snow, or mud from reaching your weapon and its scope, ensuring optimal performance in any conditions.

  3. Overlap Buckle: Effortlessly remove the cover when needed, allowing for quick and easy access to your firearm.

  4. Versatile Fit: Designed to fit rifles and shotguns ranging from 38" to 56" in length, accommodating a wide range of firearms.

  5. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing approximately 5 ounces in total, the Gun Slicker conveniently stuffs down to the size of a pair of socks, making it easy to carry in your gear pack.

  6. Clip-On Anywhere: The cover can be securely clipped onto various points on your gear, providing flexibility and accessibility.

  7. Quiet Fabric: The fabric used ensures silent operation, preventing any unwanted noise that could alert game animals.

  8. Fully Washable: Keep your Gun Slicker clean and fresh by easily washing it when needed.

  9. Made in the USA: Rest assured that your Gun Slicker is proudly crafted in the United States, meeting the highest quality standards.

Equip yourself with the Alpine Gun Slicker and never let adverse weather conditions hinder your hunting success. Experience the ultimate protection and convenience that only Alpine Products can provide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Best with a low profile scopes

I have a couple of these. I find they fit best with lower profile scopes and on average length guns.
Mine fit my ARs fine (taking into account the above note).

Justin Keller

Gun Slicker | Waterproof Rifle Cover | Alpine Products

John Schroer
Great product.

This is a must for black powder hunting. It relieved stress while hunting when poor conditions occur.

Extremely satisfied

I’ve been looking for something to cover the breech of my muzzleloader during inclement weather for a very long time. I’ve been using an 18”x18” piece of old inner tube, but when hunting from an elevated position with a shooting stick, the risk of dropping the rubber is always a consideration and the rest of the rifle is not protected. Having to flip up scope covers or wipe the see-thru type off also adds time and my handkerchiefs get soaked on those all day drizzling days that are so productive for whitetail in the Midwest. I just received my Gun Slicker a week ago and have field tested it four times already. It is a dream come true. It also hides the stainless steel barrel and action when I am still hunting. I ordered and received another for my son and am ordering another for my hunting buddy. Including my safety harness, binoculars, and range finder, the Gun Slicker ranks in the top three necessities I take with me when hunting in rain or snow. It is truly one of those pieces of gear that’ll make you wonder how you got by without it for thirty-five years. Thanks Alpine!

Buen producto

He comprado este producto y está perfecto para el rifle buena calidad vivo en España y es perfecto

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