Our History

About Alpine Innovations

Alpine Innovations is named after the Alpine mountains where we field test our gear.  We are inspired by the outdoors as we create affordable outdoor products our customers need.  We offer four product brands: The Slicker product line is designed for hunters and their gear. The Spudz product line is for professional optics care.  The Stripee product line is for the angler.  Alpine Body Fuel is a focus energy supplement line. With over 25 patented products, we strive to develop products that improve your outdoor experience. Alpine Innovations is located at: 275 North 950 East State St. Lehi, Utah 84043

Our History

It all started with a muddy fly line. After a day fly fishing on the Little Blackfoot River in 2001, Darren Jones decided he needed a product that would not only clean his fly line, but protect his fingers. A few weeks and several prototypes later, he created Stripee, the first product for what would eventually launch Alpine.

The company’s next big break came in 2002 when Darren spilled mayo on his glasses. After an unsuccessful search for his lens cloth, he knew he needed to invent a product that wouldn’t get lost. With a little help from his wife Shellie, Spudz was born. Spudz helped put Alpine on the map, and the company has been creating innovative products for the outdoors ever since. Fast forward to today, and Darren is still looking for problems to solve. With 25 patents and over 30 unique products, Alpine continues to create products that solve everyday problems. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA.



If you are seeking employment at Alpine Innovations, please email your resume to hr@alpineproducts.com or call us at 801-766-4994 to see what positions may be available. Let us know if you want to be part of the Alpine Team.



All Of the following are approved Patents held by Alpine Innovations LLC 


  D580  161HK1076373
Spudz D467,828 7,178,193
Spudz D537,288 7,416,610
Spudz D502,573 7,413,614
Spudz 000837067-0001 6,849,135
Spudz   8,060,969
Spudz   8,151,399
Spudz   10,088696 B2
Spudz   CN 100353900C
Spudz D547,448 7,442,259
Bow Slicker D580,167 9,310,158
Bow Slicker D580,161 9,038,878
Bino Bandit   11,287,639