Alpine Innovation Patents

Alpine Innovations has been proudly designing American Made products that help you have greater experiences fishing, hunting or just enjoying the outdoors. We've been developing our very own designs since 2002 and have worked hard to make sure these products provide our consumers with the best experiences possible. In order to keep the integrity of our products and make sure we filter out copycats we've patented the vast majority of our products along with some pending patents that will be official in the near future. Here is a current list of all own patents by alpine innovations.

  D580 161HK1076373
Spudz D467,828 7,178,193
Spudz D537,288 7,416,610
Spudz D502,573 7,413,614
Spudz 000837067-0001 6,849,135
Spudz   8,060,969
Spudz   8,151,399
Spudz   10,088696 B2
Spudz   CN 100353900C
Spudz D547,448 7,442,259
Bow Slicker D580,167 9,310,158
Bow Slicker D580,161 9,038,878
Bino Bandit   11,287,639
Pistol Slicker D959,135 161HK1076373
Ammo Slicker D957,122