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Bow Slicker V2

Bow Slicker V2

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Introducing the NEW BOW SLICKER V2:

The Bow Slicker V2 is the pinnacle of innovation in our archery product line, designed to surpass its predecessor in both quality and durability. Meticulously crafted from durable waterproof neoprene and reinforced with rugged nylon webbing, this advanced bow sling sets the standard for excellence in archery gear.

As a discerning bowhunter, you understand the rich tradition and prestige associated with the art of archery. However, navigating the challenges of carrying your compound bow while on the hunt requires a reliable solution. Enter the Bow Slicker V2™ Ultralight Bow Sling, a fusion of heritage and cutting-edge technology by Alpine Innovations, engineered to meet your every need in the field.

Today's hunting bows feature intricate designs, incorporating cables, strings, and rotating cams. Safeguarding your bow while ensuring quick and quiet access is paramount for success in your pursuits as an archer. The Bow Slicker V2™ delivers the ultimate solution to your carrying dilemma, offering whisper-quiet transportation and secure accessibility, empowering you to take the perfect shot with confidence.


  1. Ultralight and Durable: The Alpine Bow Slicker is constructed with durability and lightweight design in mind. It is built to withstand the rigors of hunting while minimizing additional weight to your gear setup.

  2. Adjustable Webbing Band: The bow sling features an adjustable high-grade webbing band that runs along the length of the axle. This allows you to customize the length of the sling to fit your specific bow, ranging from 24" to 36".

  3. Patented Limb Loops: The Bow Slicker™ incorporates patented limb loops that distribute weight evenly around the perimeter of the risers. This ensures a secure and protected hold on your bow, minimizing any potential slippage or damage during transport.

  4. Waterproof Material: The Bow Slicker V2 is made of 100% neoprene ensuring ultimate protection for your bow, keeping dirt, water, mud and debris off your bow. 
  5. Easy to Use: The sleeve of the Bow Slicker™ is made with elastic in the hem, providing a secure grip around the bow while allowing for quick and effortless removal. There are no clips, snaps, or buckles required, making it incredibly convenient and functional.

  6. Quick Removal: To remove the Alpine Bow Slicker™ from your bow, simply slip the top limb loop from the riser, and let gravity slide it off the bottom limb. This process takes only 2-3 seconds, allowing you to swiftly prepare for a shot. The Bow Slicker™ is designed to protect your bow during the hunt without the added weight of a hard case.

  7. Washable
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