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Sight Cover for Garmin Xero and FeraDyne IQ Define

Sight Cover for Garmin Xero and FeraDyne IQ Define

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The new Sight, Slicker XL from Alpine, provides the protection you need for your auto-ranging sights. Your Garmin Xero or FeraDyne IQ auto-ranging sights will be safe from dust, debris, and damage in this lightweight and quick-access cover made in the USA.

The weatherproof 2mm neoprene cover will protect your investment from mechanical damage while the sewn-in microfiber cloth keeps the lens clean from dust and ready for immediate use.

Ensure a clear shot tomorrow by protecting your investment today!

    • Weatherproof

    • 2mm Neoprene for weatherproof protection

    • Quick Draw adjustment cord for one-handed use

    • Sewn-in microfiber for easy cleaning

    • Protects bow sight from damage

    • Fits 4" diameter, 3.5" depth sight housings


Alpine Sight Slicker XL fits the Garmin Xero and the IQ Define auto ranging sights. Made with flexible and 2mm neoprene, this sight protection cover fits perfectly.  Sight Slicker XL will protect the sensitive ranging optics from debris and damage.

The time is right to protect your sensitive auto-ranging sights.

Your auto-ranging sight works like a bomb.  It sure takes the guessing out of the exercise and let you range with ease.  It is especially ideal for when you are unsure of the terrain and need to take the shot or lose the target.

Bow sights are not cheap, and they need to be protected because the last thing you need is a broken sight or a cracked lens. It would especially be bad if you are far from home, out in nature and getting dirty on the job.

Features of the Alpine/Garmin Bow Sight Slicker XL:

    • The Alpine Sight Slicker contours to fit the shape of the Garmin Xero and the FeraDyne IQ auto-ranging sights.

    • It is easy to use and has a quick-draw adjustment cord fastener that allows single-hand placement and removal.

    • Ideal for fast and efficient action when you don’t have the time to struggle or have an extra hand to help.

    • The heavy-duty neoprene cover withstands the outdoors' abuse and protects your sights from the elements and mechanical damage.

    • The sewn-in microfiber cloth allows you to clean the optical eye of your sights.

    • It was designed to fit the 4” diameter, 3.5” depth sight housings on the Garmin Xero, FeraDyne IQ, or other sights on the market with similar housings. Protect your investment with Sight Slicker XL for Garmin Xero and IQ Define. We build with our products with quality materials to withstand  the abuse of the outdoors.

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