QD/QR Receivers- rail mount adapter (2 in 1)

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The Alpine Picatinny Rail  QD/QR Rail adapters is milled with high quality metal. Offered in 2 styles: The QD/QR and QD adapters.  The QD/QR 2 in 1 rail adapter converts to both style QD/QR styles. Just leave the center post inserted for QR or remove it for the QD style sling connection. Quick Disconnect (QD) and Quick Release or Pin style (QR). This rail mount is the only rail adapter you need for both QD and QR swivels.  Comes in mat black coating for long lasting durability and performance.


2 Models to choose from : The QD/QR Receiver Rail Mount is a 2 in 1 adapter for both QD and QR slings. Made from durable high quality steel, this rail mount attaches to your gun railing with an adjustable bracket. By adding or removing the center QR post this provides full adaptability to attach your sling to your gun.

The QD receiver model comes without the center QR post and allows QD swivels to set into the hole.

Q&A "What is the difference between QD  and QR ?  

Our Terminology:

    • QD (Quick Disconnect) is the thumb push in style with 4 small  ball bearings around a post . This style is primarily found on Tactical.

    • QR is the standard found on most wood stock rifles and has a horizontal pin that travels though a metal post on the weapon.

Key Features:

    • Non glare black finish

    • Durable high quality

    • Center QR swivel

    • Compatible with QD/QR