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Pistol Slicker

Pistol Slicker

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Pistol Slicker

Pistol Slicker is a versatile chest and leg holster harness (2in1).  Comes with everything you need and allows for left or right-hand draw.  The 4-point connection plate is made with Kydex. Pistol Slicker can be custom formed to fit your pistol making it the most universal fit holster on the market.  Made with a neoprene cover that keeps dust and moisture off the weapon. Fits compacts to revolvers with 3" barrel.  Pistol Slicker is made for comfort and ease of access making it one complete system fully adjustable for small or large frame people 24- 60” chest size.  Pistol Slicker is patented and made and built in Utah USA.

Features of the Alpine Universal Pistol Slicker: 

    • The adjustable mounting KYDEX plate and leather strap allow your weapon to be positioned for top- left- or right-hand, and 45-degree draw options. You can reheat and reshape the KYDEX plate up to 5 times to fit different pistols. 

    • The Pistol Slicker features a weatherproof neoprene cover in our ‘Vanish’ series camo. The cover stays attached to the bottom of the holster plate and provides full access to the weapon.  Just pull it down when you need to access your gun.

    • It’s no use to have a handgun in a safe or vehicle when you need to use it now. The Alpine Universal Pistol Slicker offers the user concealment, but also weather- and dirt protection.

    • The comfortable weight distribution of your weapon.

    • Fits most pistols or revolvers with a barrel of up to 4 inches.

    • Choose between our ‘Vanish Tan’ or ‘Vanish Shadow’ cameo options.


Pistol Slicker is a universal pistol harness that mounts to both your chest and leg.  Featuring an adjustable mounting plate and leather weapon strap that will fit most pistols. The plate is fabricated with pre-punched holes and Chicago screws which lets you comfortably mount the weapon for a left or right-hand draw.  Whether worn on the chest or leg, the pistol slicker features a weatherproof neoprene cover that can be pulled down quickly to gain access. This weatherproof cover stays attached to the bottom of the holster plate and provides concealment and protection to the weapon. This protective cover is beneficial for weather protection, especially while outdoors. Pistol Slicker will fit small pistols and larger weapons up to .44 Magnum with a 4” barrel. Four connection buckles lock into the chest harness or leg mounting system making it the only harness that can comfortably transition from the chest to the leg.

Key Features

    • Durable weatherproof neoprene for protection

    • Adjustable to fit most pistols up to 4" barrel

    • Chest or leg mountable

    • Ambidextrous configuration

    • Vanish Tan or Vanish Shadow camo pattern

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the old American frontier carried a weapon.   Those who did, however, had to have some means of carrying their firearm in comfort.   Also, the gun had to be accessible and protected. Each person's holster told a story and interestingly, paralleled the development of handguns themselves.

Before the 1830's single-shot pistols were carried in a belt sash, some had a metal clip on the side so that the gun could 'hook' onto the belt. It was a cumbersome way of carrying a weapon.

In the 1850s, holster styles developed rapidly. A greater variety of handguns became available, and people wanted to protect their weapons from exposure to the weather.   Holsters with flaps became available, but others wanted their guns to be quickly accessible, so their holsters had open tops.

Only in the 1920s, elaborate holsters with engraved buckles and trimmings became popular. Think of the Lone Ranger and Tex Ritter: Their pistol holsters were fashionable and low-slung, and the cowboys could quickly draw their weapons.

The Alpine Universal Pistol Slicker is a multipurpose pistol harness and holster of the twentieth century. Using four connection buckles, it can be mounted to your chest or leg, making it a versatile piece of hunting equipment.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Cooper
Best pistol carrier out there

After nearly two years with my first Pistol Slicker, I ordered a second one for one of my backpacking friends as a gift. Everything I said about it in my original review still holds true – best option I’ve found for discreet and weather-proof woods carry when backpacking. And after all this time, it’s as good as new. Probably won’t be the last one I gift to friends.

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