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Fogz Off Anti-fog spray

Fogz Off Anti-fog spray

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Alpine  Fogz Off™ 2 oz anti-fog spray helps to prevent your optics from fogging. Safe on all optics including glasses, winter or MX goggles, binoculars, scopes and more.


‘Anti-fogging’ comes from NASA

 Thanks to NASA, for developing anti-fog spray for their helmet visors, we have many fog-free days ahead of us.  In June 1966, Astronaut Eugene Cernan tested NASA's very first space suit and found that his screen on the helmet fogged.   After the space flight, NASA scientists discovered that a small patch of the visor treated with anti-fog solution remained clear.   From then on, an anti-fog solution was applied to all visors before spacewalks.

Today, while we live with the Coronavirus, spectacle wearers are confronted daily with their lenses fogging because they have to wear masks. Not having a definite end date to this pandemic, we need to find a way around it.  This is a way:  using Spudz Fogz Off.   NASA do, why can’t we?

 Features of Spudz Fogz Off:

  • This anti-fog spray will prevent all optics from fogging—no more misty lenses for cameras, binoculars, MX goggles, range finders, or glasses. (Even swimming goggles fog up in the water and thus needs cleaning. Warm days have the same effect on sunglasses, having them fog up when you need them most.)

  • Use Spudz Fogz Off just like a regular cleaning spray. Spray on your lenses and apply the spray across the glass with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

  • The after-effect of using this anti-fog spray is that your lenses will stay cleaner for longer. Preventing the condensation of water on your lenses and minimizing surface tension on the lens itself – Spudz Fogz Off works to eliminate all signs of fogginess.

  • This anti-fog spray guarantees a streak-free finish without any residue.

  • Spudz Fogz Off is suitable for most surfaces.

  • The well designed 2oz. spray bottle guarantees the perfect spritz to keep your lenses fog-free.

  • Safe and convenient to use – the Spudz Fogz Off spray is ideal for traveling.

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