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Bow Slicker, Ultralight Bow Sling

Bow Slicker, Ultralight Bow Sling

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Bow Slicker, Ultralight and made in USA

You’re a bow hunter? First of all, cool! Archery has come a long way over the millennia and bow hunting definitely carries a historical prestige with it. But you can’t exactly slide your arm between your compound bow’s strings and riser for an easy way to carry it. Enter the Bow Slicker™ Ultralight Bow Sling, where history meets innovation…Alpine Innovation.  Now you can carry your bow while on the hunt or target practicing in this super quiet and convenient bow carrier sling.  


The complexity of a modern compound bow includes ultralight components with innovative methods to perfectly align the cables and strings.  Bows are finely tuned instruments with rotating cams designed to smoothly transfer power through the strings to the arrow as it takes flight.   Making sure your bow is protected and also easy to carry is paramount to your success in the field or at the range.  The Bow Slicker™ is the perfect solution to a common problem.  It provides a quiet and secure way to carry your bow, all while maintaining the accessibility you need.


 The Alpine Bow Slicker™ is an ultralight, durable, and designed to fit most compound bows on the market with parallel limbs.  This 8.5 OZ. sling stows inside itself by nesting the cam pockets together.  Bow Slicker features our patented limb loops which distribute the weight around the perimeter to the risers, keeping the bow secure and protected. No clips, snaps, or buckles are required, making this bow sling super convenient and functional whether hunting or at the range. 


Durable bands loop easily around the limbs of your bow and a neoprene pocket fits over your cams. The cam pockets are form fitted which allow for a more secure grip around the bow while also making it easy and quick to remove.  An adjustable webbing band runs the length of the axle so that you can adjust to the exact length of your bow–from 24”-36”. The sling itself is also adjustable so you can carry the bow how you like.


To remove the Alpine Bow Slicker™ from your bow, slip the top limb loop from the riser, let gravity slip it off the bottom limb and you are ready to shoot! It only takes 2-3 seconds to remove the sling if you need to take a shot.  Made to be quick and quiet,  Bow Slicker™ fits all parallel limbs and standard compound bows ranging from 24"- 36" axle-to-axle. This bow carrier sling is built to protect the bow while on the hunt, without all the weight of your hard case.

The Bow Slicker™ is the best bow sling for hunting on the market. These are 100% made in America and come with a guarantee against manufacturer defects. We are confident that you will love the sling so much, you will wonder why you didn’t always have one! Experience the difference of carrying your bow with the Ultralight Alpine Bow Slicker™ today!


Can you carry a compound bow by the string?

You shouldn’t carry or store your compound bow by the string. You want to preserve the integrity of the strings by carefully storing your bow without additional tension on them. Use of a Bow Slicker™ while using the bow and a case while not using it is best. 

Will the shoulder sling droop and make my bow slip?

No. The tension on the sling is maintained by an adjustable mesh strap that runs the length of the axle. This, along with the limb loops ensures that the bow is securely held no matter how large the shoulder sling is adjusted to.

Can you transport a bow on an airplane without a case?

TSA guidelines state that bows need to be in a case while being transported via aircraft. We recommend a hard case, as cases can be tossed around pretty roughly with other luggage at airports and during travel. Always call ahead and know what requirements and restrictions are in place of your particular travel itinerary. 


Key Features:

  • Keeps your cables and strings protected
  • Protects cams from debris and twigs
  • Quick quiet removal-takes only 2-3 seconds to remove
  • Lightweight Sling system weighs less than 9 OZ.
  • Built with durable weatherproof materials
  • Limb loops keep the bow secure without dropping
  • No snaps or buckles that cause noise and friction on the strings
  • Weight is distributed around the perimeter to the riser
  • Overall best bow sling for hunting

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Awesome product

    Darren Pickard

    Have not had this product in the field as of yet however product seems like a good fit for my Mathews

    Matt Witkop
    Great Bow Sling

    Last season I was in the market for a bow sling. I looked at a lot of other company’s including Alpine slings and settled on the bow slicker. I use it every time I hunt, it’s great to have both hands free during long walks into my stands. I never realized how nice it was to not have to lug your bow around in one hand. The neoprene covers and rain slicker keep the cams and string safe from brush and dry and there’s no way the bow can come out once it’s in the sling. My bow is actually 38.5” axle to axle and the bow slicker fits it great. I would recommend this product for bowhunters who carry a lot of gear or walk long distances and need a hands free, durable sling for their bow.

    Awesome Bow slicker!

    Bow slings are a must for late season hunting and also on early season pack ins and pack outs! The bow slicker is awesome! It’s fabric is super quite and very durable! Adjustable to fit any bow and sling adjusts to fit comfortably around your body! Just another great product!

    dave O
    Love this bow sling

    I purchased the bow slicker after trying to force other brands to fit my PSE 35 ata. Not only did it fit perfectly, you could tell right away it was engineered for a hardcore bow hunter. From the materials to the loop design that pulls over the the riser it was obvious a lot of thought went into this sling. I only wish I’d purchased the sight cover also. Not very often I’m completely satisfied with an online purchase.

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