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The Alpine Ammo Wallet is our innovative design that's been adapted from our famous Ammo Slicker. Instead of going on the butt of your stock, this Ammo Wallet is made to loop around your belt. Giving you more options for carrying ammo while on the hunt. Made with a special non-slip neoprene interior, you'll have no issues with your ammo sliding around on your belt or feeling like you may lose some ammo on the hunt. The Ammo Wallet comes in Large Caliber size holds and Small Caliber size holds. Large Caliber size holds fit 7 cartridges (.308 - .338) ammo. Small Caliber size holds fit 10 cartridges (.17-.223) ammo .


The Alpine Ammo Wallet is made from Durable non-slip Neoprene with heavy duty Velcro. Comes with a catch pocket and adjustable fit made to fit most belts. The Ammo Wallet is great for those hunters and shooters who like to have their ammo close. The Ammo Wallet comes in Vanish shadow and Vanish Tan.

Key Features

    • Keeps Ammo secure

    • Quick Access

    • Grips belt with non-slip neoprene

    • various sizes offered for most ammo