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The Spudz Strapz is our very own unique patented designed adjustable eyeglass retainer. Unlike other eyeglass retainers, the Spudz Strapz takes away loose cords swinging around. Instead of cords, we use soft neoprene and a unique design for expanding and shortening the length. Pull able tabs are used, which allow the retainer to keep snug to the back of the head, and expand when letting the glasses hang from your neck. Rubber ends are used on the ends to fit most glass frames.

Key Features:

    • Soft Neoprene

    • Adjustable tabs

    • Durable rubber ends

    • Unique design


Spudz Strapz is great for men and women. Made to keep your glasses snug to your head while also making comfort a priority. This easy to use design is great for any activity. Whether you're just going for a calm hike or on the hunt, these eyeglass retainers give you all the support and comfort you need. The Spudz Strapz is 13 inches in length and one size fits most.