Spot Slicker NX2- Weatherproof Spotting scope cover

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The Spot Slicker NX2's form fitting design gives you the increased protection of premium 2mm neoprene with the addition of a rigid objective lens inserts. You'll also never have to worry about smears or smudges on your lens since this comes with a finger pocket cleaning cloth sewn into the cover itself. Available in our Vanish Shadow, this Spot Slicker fits a wide range of most commonly used spotting scope sizes.


The Alpine Spot Slicker NX2 is  designed to stay on top of your spotting scope while glassing. The spot slicker is made with durable 2mm neoprene for weatherproof protection and a plastic objective lens guard between the neoprene layers. The Spot Slicker contains 2 retaining bands that keep it secured to the scope while providing quick viewing access. Users can easily achieve this by flipping up each to peer through the scope.

Key Features:

    • Light weight

    • Finger Pocket Clean Cloth

    • Hardened Insert for lens protection

    • Quick Access