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Bino Slicker NX Cover

Bino Slicker NX Cover

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Bino Slicker NX Binocular Cover

The Bino Slicker NX is a neoprene cover that can be added to other harnesses. This binocular cover keeps bulk at a minimum and is designed to fit a wide range of binoculars 8x24- 20x56.  It holds your binoculars tight to your chest so they don't bounce or sag. The cover is designed to provide quick and quiet access to your optics.The weatherproof neoprene cover includes built in lens cloths for convenience. See Sizing Guide.


The Alpine Bino Slicker NX is made with flexible weatherproof neoprene which fits most roof prism binoculars. This  Binocular cover provides a great way to improve harnesses that come without weatherproof covers.  The Bino slicker NX helps to eliminate the unwanted sagging and bouncing by securing the binoculars against the chest with a 3/4 " elastic belly band.  This Ultralight weatherproof bino cover provides provides fast quiet access to your optics. Just flip off the cover to access your optics as it remains tethered around your chest.   The NX cover features 2 built in lens cloths sewn to the cover. Upgrade your existing harness with the NX Bino Slicker.

See Sizing Guide.

    • NX Bino slicker fit most roof prism binoculars

    • Elastic webbing keeps the cover in place when not in use

    • 2 microfiber cleaning cloths are attached inside the cover

    • Ultralight system that weighs 3 ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jeffery jerome
Good idea bad quality control

Need better quality control
I purchased 4 items. They sent the wrong items. Then when I finally got the right ones. The first one I opened was separated at the seams and I had to sew it together. Nice product, just do better.

Greg Fine
Bino slicker

Excellent product

Thank you for the review, we appreciate it!

David Jennings
Exactly what I was needing!

This slicker is exactly what I was looking for. It fits great, both on the Binos and on me! Well Done!!

Brian T
Very happy

Seems like better material and is a little larger to fit bigger binos, the side buckles may be over sized a little, good overall

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