Pistol Slicker Chest harness and leg holster for concealment and protection


Pistol Slicker is a versatile pistol harness & holster that can be mounted to the chest or leg making it very adaptable.  All the chest and leg fasteners are all included with Pistol Slicker making it one complete system fully adjustable for right or left hand use.


Protects weapon from weather without hindering access.

Features of the Alpine Universal Pistol Slicker: 

    • The adjustable mounting plate and leather strap allows your weapon to be positioned for top-, left- or right-hand draw options.
    • The Pistol Slicker features a weatherproof neoprene cover in our ‘Vanish’ series camo. The cover stays attached to the bottom of the holster plate and provides full access to the weapon.  Just pull it down when you need to access your gun.
    • It’s no use to have a handgun in a safe or vehicle when you need to use it now. The Alpine Universal Pistol Slicker offers the user concealment, but also weather- and dirt protection.
    • Comfortable weight distribution of your weapon.
    • Fits most pistols or revolvers with a barrel of up to 4 inches.
    • Choose between our ‘Vanish Tan’ or ‘Vanish Shadow’ cameo options.

Earn up to 55 Points.