It all started with a muddy fly line. After a day fly fishing on the Little Blackfoot River in 2001, Darren Jones decided he needed a product that would not only clean his fly line, but protect his fingers.

A few weeks and several prototypes later, he created Stripee, the first product for what would eventually launch Alpine Innovations.

The company’s next big break came in 2002 when Darren spilled mayo on his glasses. After an unsuccessful search for his lens cloth, he knew he needed to invent a product that wouldn’t get lost. With a little help from his wife Shellie, Spudz was born. Spudz helped put Alpine Innovations on the map, and the  company has been creating innovative accessories for the eyewear, photography, and outdoor markets ever since.

Fast forward to 2017, and Darren is still looking for problems to solve. With 15 patents and over 25 unique products, Alpine Innovations continues to create products that solve everyday problems.

We proudly manufacture our products in the USA.

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