Alpine Spudz Ultra 5 Pack

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Spudz Ultra features a closable neoprene pouch and premium microfiber lens cloth attached inside. Great for any environment to remove smudges and dust from optics.


Alpine Spudz Ultra is built for the outdoors and includes a premium microfiber cloth attached to a durable neoprene pouch. It also features a convenient fastening hook so that you can attach the Alpine Spudz Ultra anywhere you need it.  With all the features of the Spudz classic with the benefit of a closable pouch, Spudz Ultra is at home in the outdoors.  Try it and see how well it cleans eye-wear, binoculars, screens and so much more. Assorted 5 Pack. You can choose from Outdoor or Photo series. Washable and re-usable. Hand wash, rinse and let it air dry.

Key Features

    • Small and Compact pouches

    • 6"x 6" microfiber cloth

    • Quick and safe lens cleaning

    • Washable

    • Reusable