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Scope Slicker NX is designed to fit a wide range of optics with 2 models. Built to stay on the optic with 2 bands that fit under the scope, Scope Slicker will never fall off. Includes 2 built-in lens cleaners for convenience. "That' pretty slick"



Alpine Scope Slicker NX weatherproof scope cover that stays attached on the top of the optic.  Made with .5 mm-thick neoprene to provide quick access and weatherproof protection to the rifle scope.

Scope Slicker features 2 retaining bands that keep it secured to the scope while providing quick viewing access. Users can easily achieve this by flipping up each to peer through the scope. Includes 2 lens cloths at each end for cleaning. Alpine Scope Slicker NX is offered in 2 sizes: Medium (fits 12"-17" length scopes) and Large. (fits 14-20" length scopes - with large turrets.

See Sizing Guide.

A rifle scope can be intimidating!  They come in many varieties there are quite a few things to keep in mind.

First, the type of rifle scope you buy must depend on the kind of shooting you want to do.   A target shooter, for example, and a deer hunter would need different types of scopes.

To complicate things even more, rifles differ.  Each might have its own quirks and traits. Therefore, you can put the same type of scope on two guns and expect to find the same results.  Unfortunately, it does not work that way.   You have to tweak your scope’s settings until you hit the target the way you want to.  Another fact about scopes is that they cost a lot of money.   A scope with scope turrets and lenses can be exposed to rain, snow, dust, mud (and branches!), but it is, of course, not a good idea.

Dirt on the lenses and moisture ingress will negatively impact scope picture quality and reliability of scope turret adjustments.  In addition, there is always the threat that bumps to the scope might change the scope settings.  It might all lead to the missed shot of a lifetime.

We are sure you would rather tell the story of the one that did not get away!

Protect your rifle scope from scratches and the elements with the Alpine Scope Slicker NX.

We give you two sizes: 

 Medium (fits 12 inch to 17-inch length scopes with 30 to 65 mm objective lens) and

Large (fits 14 inch to 20-inch length scopes with large/target turrets with 30 to 75 mm objective

    • The product itself weighs less than 2 ounces.

    • The Alpine Scope Slicker NX features two built-in lens cleaners for convenience.

    • Different designs and colors to choose from:  ‘Stealth Shadow,' 'Alpine Mountain,' 'Vanish Shadow,' 'Vanish Tan', and 'Dark Earth.'

    • Retaining bands secure cover to scope - Quick viewing access – just flip it up!

    • It offers impact protection to your scope.