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GunSlicker™ is a pack-able ultralight gun cover that weighs less than 5 oz.  Built with waterproof fabric, GunSlicker™ is quiet and protects against rain, dust, and mud. GunSlicker™ features a new barrel port for quicker shots, and a new “Quick-Draw™” adjustment cord for 1-hand operation and easy removal.  Fits rifles and shotguns 38”- 56” in length.

    • Weatherproof - protects against rain, dust and mud

    • Ultralight - weighs less than 5 ounces

    • Quiet fabric

    • Quick-draw cord for easy, quick adjustment and removal




Alpine Waterproof Rifle Cover is a pack able, ultralight rifle Slicker cover that weighs less than 6 oz. Built with durable waterproof material, Gun Slicker is quiet and made to protect your rifle and optics against rain, dust, and mud.  Melissa Bachman used Gun Slicker when hunting bear in Alaska.

Whether you are on you are hiking or on a ATV, UTV or horse, you can be confident that your weapon is being protected. The Alpine Waterproof Rifle Cover includes a convenient barrel port so you can pass your barrel though the cover for quicker shots so you don't have to remove the cover at all. The Slicker cover includes a patented "quick draw adjustment cord" for one-hand operation to size to fit your rifle or shotgun.  Gun Slicker includes a buckle that closes the opening around so that the gun sling can pass though. Made to fit rifles and shotguns 38" - 56" in length.

Features of the Alpine Waterproof Rifle Cover:

 Weatherproof: Keep out the rain, dirt, snow, or mud from your weapon and its scope.

    • ‘Quick-draw adjustment cord’ for one-hand operation to size fit your rifle or shotgun.

    • Overlap buckle for easy removal.

    • Fits rifles and shotguns 38” to 56” in length.

    • About 5 oz in total weight

    • Clip it on anywhere.

    • Designs and colors: 'Black,' 'Dark Earth,' 'Alpine Mountain,' and 'Vanish Shadow.'

    • It is fully washable.

Who invented the term ‘waterproof?’

The very first patent was granted to a Scotsman, Charles MacIntosh, in 1823.   Interestingly, he squeezed liquid rubber between pieces of fabric and pressed it all together.   His patent was not without its unique problems, though.  When it got cold, his ‘waterproof’ fabric became stiff and uncomfortable.  When it got hot, the rubber became sticky.

Eventually, about ten years later, Charles Goodyear (yes, he of the tires) introduced vulcanized rubber that could resist temperature changes and gave us ‘waterproof’ fabric as we know it today.

Waterproof stuff quickly caught on, also in hunting gear!   Hunters and shooters want to be able to shoot whenever they have the opportunity and time - no matter what the weather is like.    A hunter going out in the rain or adverse weather conditions need a waterproof rifle cover.

    • Are you hiking or on a horse? Be confident that your weapon is protected against the elements.

    • The Alpine Waterproof Rifle Cover is an ultralight, loose, easy to remove product. You’ll need it when that perfect shot presents itself and even more so in extreme conditions when you might be wearing gloves.

    • A barrel port within the rifle cover allows you to slide your gun barrel through the cover when needed. It is not necessary to remove the cover at all.

See our YouTube video on GunSlicker HERE