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Bino Bandits will improve visual clarity and reduce eye strain for most binoculars. Made to completely block glare and ambient light providing better detail while glassing. Bino Bandit fits most binoculars and are comfortable to use. To install simply slide the flexible neoprene around each eye cup and lock behind the eye-cups.

The Alpine Bino Bandit Glare Blocker was designed to eliminate this problem.   We want you to see perfectly, every time!

The Glare Blocker blocks out ambient light and glare entirely so that your binoculars can reach their potential, and you get the visual acuity and clarity you require. The comfortable Bino Bandit will fit most binoculars, including the Swarvoski BTX, and considerably reduce eye strain.

The Bino Bandit is easy to install, flex-fits around the eye cups to seal out the wind and ambient light, and is built rugged for the outdoors.

The flexible neoprene stretches and tightens down around each eyepiece and includes a male and female buckle that locks together, protecting the eye-cups from water, dust, and mechanical damage.






The Bino Bandit glare blocker from Alpine Innovations will improve visual acuity and reduce eye strain when using binoculars. Designed to completely block glare and ambient light providing better clarity while glassing. Bino Bandit will fit most binoculars including the new Swarvoski BTX, and is made to be comfortable. They will flex fit around the eye-cups to seal out the wind and ambient light.

To install the Bino Bandit, just stretch the flexible neoprene around each eye piece and tighten down. Each Bandit includes a male and female buckle on each side that lock together in the middle to provide protection to the eye cups. Bino Bandit glare blocker are built rugged for the outdoors, so whether you are a hunter or a birdwatcher, the Bandit is designed to provide you with the best clarity and detail that your binoculars can provide. See our Youtube Tutorial HERE!

Binoculars have one job: to help you see well.

 When you notice something stir in the undergrowth or soar above the treetops, you lift those binos to your eyes to experience a marked improvement in visual clarity.  It’s the reason why you bought binoculars in the first place. But, when you take them out of their pouch and lift it and your view is distorted because of glare, rain, or dirt, it renders the binoculars useless.  It can be so frustrating!


Key Features

    • Reduces eye strain (because it blocks out wind and dust.)

    • Blocks out light and glare (improving clarity and detail.)

    • Fits most binoculars.

    • Vastly improves visual acuity for hunters, birdwatchers, and outdoor adventurers.

    • Covers and protects the eyecups when it is not in use

    • One or both sides can be folded forward to vent when needed.

    • It is ‘Patent Pending.’

    • Made in USA

*Binoculars not included

Customer Reviews

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awesome product

Awesome Product- Fits my Swarovski’s perfectly

Didn't know i needed these until now

I love it. I never knew how good they were till I looked through them. Blocks all the side glare.

Awesome product

Bino Bandits were needed along time ago! These things are so awesome and simple you will be surprised the difference it makes! Awesome price for an awesome product!

Miles Lawson
Love the bio bandit

Absolutely fell in love with this product the first time I used it! It was windy with snow on the ground and bright sun. The Bino Bandit made it easy to enjoy using my binoculars! No eye strain, the wind was no an issue, and I love how the flaps buckle together to protect the eye pieces. A great innovation!