ARHK Multi point tactical rifle sling- Hook style

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AR Sling is a 1 or 2 point tactical sling and includes high quality 1.5" webbing and hi-grade fasteners. This multi point sling is fully adjustable. The sling is includes integrated MOLLE loops for accessory attachments and is made to be comfortable.

AR-Sling is easy to change from 1 or 2 point connection as needed and includes heavy duty metal hooks. Ar Sling is a very comfortable multi point tactical sling.

    • Durable, comfortable, tactical rifle sling.

    • Fully adjustable. No matter what your body type, the Alpine Multi-Point is for you.

    • Integrated MOLLE loops for accessories. Attach your knife or flashlight – it is the whole point of a multi-point!

    • Transform from one- to two-point connection in a wink.

    • Hook-style connection from 52"-70" adjustable length


The Alpine Innovations AR HK tactical sling is durable tactical weapon sling with multi-point connectivity.  AR HK  has been designed with ease of use and comfort in mind,  featuring 1.5" webbing and quality Hook metal fasteners.   Designed to fit most tactical weapons, this durable rifle sling is fully adjustable and designed to last.  The AR HK includes an integrated MOLLE loops for accessories like flashlights or knife.   The AR HK Sling provides built in shock-absorption without compromising stability.  With a multi-point, you can attach the sling the way you prefer.  Made with all metal hooks and D-rings for flexible transitioning on the fly. The AR HK sling will reduce to 52" out to 70" hook to hook.

Features of the Alpine Multi-Point Rifle Sling:

    • Fully adjustable from 52" to 70" end to end

    • Integrated MOLLE loops for accessories. Attach your knife or flashlight

    • Transform from one- to two-point connection quickly.

    • 2 Metal Hook-style connection points

    • 2 metal D- rings.

    •  Durable, comfortable, tactical rifle sling.


The best of both worlds.

A multi-point combines the best features of the single point and the two-point. A distinct advantage of the single point is its readiness at a moment’s notice, whereas the two-point can stabilize the hunter’s rifle.  It is particularly useful when the shooter must sit in hiding for long periods.  The sling can be used as a shooting brace. With the multi-sling, your rifle can hang where it is most comfortable for you.