Alpine Spudz Sudz Cleaner 2 oz. Spray Cleaner


Our Spudz Sudz 2 oz. anti-static spray cleaner is safe on all optics including glasses, winter or MX goggles, binoculars, scopes etc. Removes smudges, oil and grime without residue.

  • For multiple uses: keep your lenses fog-free and free from residues, like dirt and grime.
  • The cleaner is fast-drying and odorless, free from ammonia, and will not leave streaks.
  • It will not irritate the eyes.
  • Anti-static properties. This feature of the Alpine Spudz Sudz Cleaner will keep dust, oil, dirt, and grime from settling on the lens of your device.  If it can’t end on the lens, it can’t damage!   Your device lenses are therefore safeguarded against scratches and other damage.
  • Size: 2 oz bottle, making it ideal for carrying for everyday use and even when traveling.
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