Alpine Silver-Oxide and Zinc-Oxide infused face masks (PPE) with filter pocket option (Washable & re-usable face mask)



The Alpine face masks are designed to reduce the spread of (COVID-19) Corona virus.  Built with a Silver-Oxide fabric layer toward the face and an outer layer of polyester. Made to be adjustable by tying a small knot in the bands to reduce size as needed. These masks are made in the USA and are washable and re-usable for continued use.  The Silver-oxide fabric is a beneficial material made to retain freshness while the outer layer of polyester is infused with Zinc-Oxide.  These masks are fully washable and re-usable for continued use.

Not a Medical grade mask but are to be used to help stop the spread of germs caused by coughing and sneezing from persons who may have the virus. Now offering a variety of patterns to choose from. If you suspect that you are asymptomatic, this mask may help to protect others from the spread.

  • Masks and filters cannot be returned once shipped or taken from our facility
  • We wash and dry each mask and filter,  then package them in our clean room using best practices for quality assurance. (You may wash your mask or filter before use if desired)



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